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Evangeline's Birth Story | Seattle Birth Photographer

Evangeline's mama knew she could do it. She knew that the women who came before her had done it and she knew the same power they exercised lived within her. LeAnna knew how to listen to her body, and to let it guide her through the contractions. Russell also knew she could do it and continued cooking Christmas dinner while she labored in their apartment. Upon arrival to the hospital LeAnna heard that she was completely effaced but not yet dilated. Still, she knew. She knew her baby was coming. It was less than two hours later that I got the call to come to the hospital. I could hear all the hustle and bustle in the background as Russell told me they were checked into their room and I just KNEW delivery was imminent. I was going to miss it.

No one could have guessed that a first time mama would dilate so quickly. That her baby would be born 35 minutes after my phone rang, 10 minutes before I arrived in the delivery room. But LeAnna knew she could do it and Evangeline knew exactly when and how she wanted to be born. This little Christmas miracle - this speeding bullet of a baby. She was welcomed by her parents, a breathless doula and smiling midwife. The strength of her mama (and the mothers before) brought her earthside. We all knew she could do it. And she did.