Haywood Family | Seattle Family Photographer

It's such a joy to work with this family! From that first coffee shop meet up for a birth consultation, we've just enjoyed our time together. Always talking and laughing - being with Russell and LeAnna feels less like work and more like catching up with old friends. I've been photographing little Evangeline since the day she was born, and seeing her at this six month milestone was a sweet highlight to my summer. Simply put - I adore this family and I'm so grateful they hire me to photograph meaningful moments in their lives.

That first photo! When you're OVER your parents being mushy all the time. Ha!

Brimhall Family | Seattle Family Photographer


Calling all Seattle families! Bring your chubby babies, bring your blankets and meet me on the beach. Even if the sun refuses to peek out, we'll have a grand time. Those rolls, those eyes - have you ever seen a cuter baby?!

Making the Case for Summer Sessions | Seattle Family Photographer


Summer is magical. As a family photographer in Seattle it's simply heaven. The sun is out everyday, the golden light of evening wraps around subjects and the miles of coastline make a perfect backdrop for capturing family memories.

Family photos normally pop up on people's radars in the fall - gotta get those holiday cards out! But I'm always making the case for the summertime portrait session. To me, summer epitomizes what it felt like to be a child. Carefree, fun-loving, staying outside until the sun goes down. This is the energy I capture in summer sessions - and I can't get enough.

It's dry, it's warm, there's time for dinner before your session. It's the perfect reason to keep the kids up a little late and make memories in front of my camera. I only have two summer family sessions left in 2018. Book yours today!


Looking Back -- Seattle Family Photographer

Being nominated as one of Seattle's Favorite Family Photographers has got me reflecting back on the almost 4 years I've spent in Seattle and what a pleasure it has been to meet each one of these families. I am so grateful that people invite me into some of their most joyful and vulnerable times in life.  It's my absolute pleasure to make art that means something to people. Thank you thank you! For hiring me, for nominating me, and for being an integral part of my business.

To vote for Hardie Photography as Seattle's Best Family Photographer visit the Parent Map Golden Teddy Awards and find my business under the shopping + services category. It's easy, spam free, and you can be entered to win a number of prizes. But most of all, you'd be doing a huge solid to this small business owner. Thanks everyone!