Precipitous Birth - it happens | Seattle Birth Photographer

Sometimes babies come quickly. I know, we all think of labor as hours (even days) long. And often it is a gradual, slow process - especially for a first time mom. But birth is unpredictable. And sometimes those babies come FAST!

So what happens if the baby is born before I arrive?


A precipitous birth is one in which delivery happens within 3 hours of the start of contractions. I’ve had one myself and it is INTENSE.

If your birth is precipitous, then that is the story I tell for you. It often involves me walking into the room mere minutes after a baby is delivered — still damp and snuggled on the chest of a somewhat bewildered mother.

I photograph the relieved smiles, the looks of disbelief, the beautiful initiation of breastfeeding. While it's super disappointing to miss a delivery for a family that has hired me to document the entire labor story, sometimes we just have the story that we have. And a shockingly fast birth will never be forgotten!

Clients who have a precipitous delivery receive the same amount of photos as usual plus a hand-designed album documenting that incredible birthing day.

Little Ezekiel was born exactly three hours after his mama was induced. No one expected it to go that fast, but a nice warm bath certainly can do a number on your labor pattern. I arrived 7 minutes after his birth, and this is the story that unfolded from there:

Grandpa is a NICU nurse, so he had to give the newest grandson a once-over. I love it! Then there were prayers of gratitude and blessings for the new family before everyone settled in to sleep. The next day Ezekiel had A LOT of family excited to welcome him.

This child is so cherished. It warmed my heart to see him handled with such love and care by his many adoring aunts, cousins and grandparents. Beautiful. Welcome to earth, sweet Ezekiel. We’re all so glad you’re here.