Birth deserves to be remembered, it deserves to be documented.


The day your child comes into the world is the most exciting day of your life -- one you'll want to remember forever. My artful photographs tell the story of your birth, allowing both parents to be fully present for this incredible experience.

When I saw the photos for the first time, I was speechless. She captured so beautifully both the quiet moments and the difficult contractions. Seeing a photo of my baby the instant after he was born was amazing!
— Stacey

Just as a woman forgets the pain of childbirth, details of the birthing day grow dim with the passing of time. Birth photography preserves these treasured memories forever: Hands clasped, a look of determination and courage, the time on the clock, the way his face looked with that first breath, first cry, first kiss on a damp, fuzzy head.

Hiring a birth photographer ensures you won't forget a moment of your child's remarkable birth. No worrying about camera batteries being charged or trying to get a good shot without missing a minute of your baby's new life. Just soak it all in and know that I am recording this moment for you.


The moment I photographed a child's first breath, I knew I'd found my calling. Birth photography combines my love of storytelling with my passion for supporting women in their childbearing years. The images are raw and rich with emotion.

Sometimes people ask in disbelief, "Do you actually photograph the BIRTH?!" Yes! And I love my job. I photograph the palpable love between couples who trust each other enough to bring forth a child. I see vulnerability and fortitude and the unmistakable look of surrender. And when a baby slips into the world, I am there to capture her first breath. I am honored to witness the miracle.

Whitney was a calming and wonderful presence. The pictures she took are priceless to me.
— Arly

Each birth reaffirms my convictions that women are powerful, that wonders still exist, and that no story is more compelling than a child's entrance into the world. To all the families who trust me with their stories - thank you. It is truly my honor to do this work with you.


Whitney Hardie is a Seattle birth and Family photographer. 

My intimate photographs preserve the memory of your most precious birthing day. Honest, real, powerful.

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