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Thomas Birth

Why photograph birth?

It's a fair question, and one I get asked a lot. Why would I want a
photographer in the room at such an intimate (and vulnerable) time?

The answer is that birth deserves to be remembered.

It deserves to be documented.

Doula, Baby, and Fater

The day your child comes into the world is the most exciting day of your life–

one you will never want to forget. The work that I do allows you to be fully present in this most powerful experience while I capture the story that unfolds. No worrying about the camera batteries being charged or trying to get a good shot without missing a moment of your baby's new life. Just soak it all in and know that I will be recording the memories for you.

Much in the same way a woman forgets the pain of childbirth, details of the birthing day grow dim with the passing of time. Birth photography allows these most poignant memories to be preserved forever: Hands clasped, a look of determination and courage, the time on the clock, the way his face looked with that first breath, first cry, first kiss on a damp, fuzzy head.

Photographs of this remarkable day will ensure that you don't forget a moment of it - that details you may not have noticed at the time will be available to reflect upon for years to come.

Flynn with Mother

The first birth I ever documented took place on a sunny fall day.

I met Stacey and her support team at the hospital and our first moments together were light hearted and full of excitement. As labor progressed, she became more focused, and we all focused more intently on her. We poured our collective energy and goodwill into giving whatever we could to help her through the journey of birth.

That ordinary labor suite was transformed into a truly sacred place. I witnessed the inspiring strength that lies deep within every woman. I photographed the palpable love between a couple that trusts each other enough to bring forth a child together. I saw vulnerability and fortitude

and the unmistakable look of surrender. And when that child slipped into the world, I was there to photograph his first breath. I was there to witness the miracle.

As I left the hospital that evening, I saw this world with new eyes. I realized that every person I passed was born of a woman, and the thought overwhelmed me. I knew these were the stories I wanted to tell. In birth photography I'd found the work I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

There is no story more compelling than a child's entrance to the world. To every family that trusts me with their most important memories, I say thank you. It truly is my honor to do this work for you.

Flynn with Mother


"I felt lucky to find Whitney. We talked beforehand about what I wanted and she was very patient and professional throughout the whole process. I felt very comfortable with her and hardly knew she was in the room during the labor."

"Before seeing Whitney's birth photography I didn't know that you could actually have your birth photographed like that. As soon as I saw her work, I decided right away that I could not pass up the opportunity."

"Whitney was a calming and wonderful presence. The pictures she took are priceless to me."

"When I saw the photos for the first time I was speechless. She captured so beautifully both the quiet moments and the difficult contractions, all the while preserving my wish for modesty. And of course seeing a photo of my baby the instant after he was born was amazing. I will forever treasure the photos that Whitney took and am so, so grateful that I decided to have those special moments captured."

"I was only aware of her taking pictures during the first few hours. After that she became a second doula. She was completely patient and comforting to me. She even made me laugh during times that I needed a laugh."

"Whitney was lovely through the entire process. She was discreet and respectful and I'm thrilled with the pictures of this special event– even the ones of me during contractions!"