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Thomas's Birth, September 2010

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Thomas's Birth

My first birth was a very special experience and I treasure the few blurry photos I have of that day. For my second birth I knew I wanted better photographs to help me remember, but I needed to be sure the photographer was a person who could stay in the background - which is exactly the way Whitney worked.

The birth of my second child was full of surprises. We naturally induced with castor oil, so I was in some sort of labor for a long time, but when things really started it was so forceful that I thought I wouldn't make it naturally this time. However, 40 minutes after that thought, I held a baby boy in my arms - basically without the help of a midwife.

I will absolutely use a photographer again for future births. Some of these photos hang in my apartment. I look at them often and joyfully remember the beauty of giving birth.