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Raschkes's Birth, August 2012

Home Birth

Raschkes's Birth

When our doula, Sandi, arrived I had been in labor for over 24 hours. I definitely needed her support. Thinking a change of scenery might help we went for a walk on the roof. With Samuel on one side and Sandi on the other, I bent over and let them support my weight during the contractions.

Back inside, I was thinking, "We've got to be getting close." I remember feeling upset because we still hadn't called the midwife to come. What I was experiencing was so intense and yet no one acted like birth was imminent. I felt so small in comparison with the job I had to do.

When Karen did arrive, I was relieved to see her. She gave me lots of encouragement. I labored all over the apartment, cried and felt so discouraged. I realized no matter how hard it got the only way through it was straight through. There was no way around.

Finally I was fully dilated. "We're having a baby!" Karen announced. Pushing was such hard work but finally my baby was here! My first feeling was relief. I lay on my back and they put my son on me as they dried him off. It was amazing.