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Flynn's Birth, September 2010

Roosevelt Birthing Center

Flynn's Birth

Giving birth the second time I felt a little more confident that I knew what to expect. I remember waking up around 9am to my water breaking, but no contractions. My doctor said to get to the hospital by noon. My doula rode the subway with me (when mild contractions started) and my husband met us there. Whitney arrived shortly thereafter.

I was only dilated to 1 cm, so my doctor told us to walk around outside until contractions became stronger. We had a lovely lunch in the hospital gardens as contractions steadily grew in intensity. I returned and labored in triage until I could move to the birthing center.

Once there I labored in the tub for a short time before I felt the urge to push. While pushing I asked my doula to turn on Johnny Cash's song "Ring of Fire." That request made everyone laugh. I was only in my room for one hour before my son was born at 6pm. Six hours from the first contractions- much shorter than my first birth! It was a great experience.