Hardie Photography

Anna May's Birth, October 2010

St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital

Anna May's Birth

I experienced a huge range of thoughts and emotions during the 25 hours of my labor. It began as a natural, birthing center birth with a midwife and ended up a hospital birth with epidural, pitocin, and emergency cesarean section. My birth didn't turn out the way I planned, but with motherhood I've learned that nothing does.

I had three people by my side that day: my husband, my doula, and Whitney. After a certain point I was not myself anymore and don't remember very much. People were moving about and having conversations, asking me questions, but I was barely aware of them - like they were occupants of the same room but in a different, parallel universe.

That's why these photographs of my birth are so meaningful to me. The depth of emotion Whitney portrayed really surprised me when I first saw them. She captured moments that passed so quickly and I've been able to remember things I never would have without the help of these images. I am so grateful to have them.